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What goes into an appraisal?

Buying or selling a house can be the most significant investment some of us may ever make. Too often I have seen sellers market their property high in hopes of a greater return only to find themselves getting shop worn while competitive sellers are closed/sold and settled into their new properties. Don't get discouraged by inflated unrealistic real estate agents...get an appraisal and market your property to sell. If you are a buyer and not obtaining financial assistance, I urge you to obtain an appraisal to make sure your investment is valued correctly. It doesn't matter if it's where you raise your family, desire a vacation property or an investment, purchasing real property is an involved financial transaction that requires multiple parties to see it through.

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Practically all the participants are quite familiar. The real estate agent is the most known person in the exchange. Then, the bank/mortgage company provides the money needed to finance the exchange. The home inspector would further investigate mechanical issues, further construction issues or hidden defects not required by an appraiser. The title company ensures that all aspects of the exchange are completed and that a clear title passes to the buyer from the seller.

So who's responsible for making sure the property is consistent with the amount being paid?   The Appraiser.   We provide an unbiased opinion of what a buyer might expect to pay - or a seller receive - for a parcel of real estate, where both buyer and seller are informed parties. A professional South Carolina licensed appraiser from Coast to Country Realty & Appraisal will ensure you as an interested party are informed.

The inspection is where an appraisal begins

To ascertain the true status of a property, it's our duty to first conduct an inspection. We must see the property and obtain pertinent information such as the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, interior features if necessary, the condition, the location, amenities, etc., to ensure the property is in the condition a typical buyer/seller would expect them to be. The inspection often includes a sketch of the house, ensuring the square footage is accurate and conveying the layout of the property. Most importantly, the appraiser looks for any obvious amenities - or defects - that would have an impact on the value of the house.

Appraisers can tell you a lot about the communities in which they work. We thoroughly understand the value of particular features to the homeowners of that area. The opinion of what the subject could sell for is the outcome and determining factor for both buyers and sellers. An appraiser from Coast to Country Realty & Appraisal will help you get the most accurate property value, so you can make wise real estate decisions.